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Fitzgerald Home Health Care, LLC

Living Life to the Fullest!

We are working for people on an individual basis providing services for Housing Stabilization Service (HSS) to Medical Assistance clients 18 and over. This includes Housing Consultation, Transitioning and Sustaining for clients within a 30 minute drive of our physical address.

There are two new requirements that all HSS providers must follow due to the Covid 19 pandemic ending on May 12, 2023. 

1. Meet with each client in person 25%-50% of the time that you bill for the client.

2. We can’t do both a Housing Focused Person-Centered Plan and Transitioning/ Sustaining work for the client except if we have a conflict of interest form approved by DHS.


  Contact us by email:

30 plus days​​​

Wait time for DHS Approval for Housing Stabilization Services:

Vision Statement:

Helping adults become self-sufficient while living in a safe and healthy community in Minnesota.

Mission Statement:

Promoting and improving the livelihood of adults living in their own homes through partnership and collaboration with Fitzgerald Home Health Care,LLC.

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